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G. Stiny and J. Gips, "Shape Grammars and the Generative Specification of Painting and Sculpture", Proceedings of IFIP Congress 1971, North Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam, 1972.  This paper was selected as the best submitted paper at the Congress and as a result was republished in O. Petrocelli (ed.), The Best Computer Papers of 1971, Auerbach, Princeton, New Jersey, 1972.

Download the published paper as a pdf.

Download the original submitted paper complete with an Appendix with color photos of paintings as a pdf.

A photo of Stiny and Gips in 1970.

Shape Grammars and Their Uses, Stanford Ph.D. dissertation by James Gips published by Birkhauser, Basel, Switzerland, 1975.

Pictorial and Formal Aspects of Shapes and Shape Grammars, UCLA Ph.D. dissertation by George Stiny published by Birkhauser, Basel, Switzerland, 1975.  (Not yet available for download).